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As we get older our bodies start to lose their ability to regenerate, which makes us susceptible to painful, degenerative conditions. Left untreated, these conditions threaten the very lifestyle that we all work so hard to obtain.

Advanced medical research has indicated that connective tissue 
collected from a healthy baby's umbilical cord has the potential to supplement defects in soft tissues or cartilage by volumizing the affected area, providing resistance to mechanical stress. Components found in umbilical cord tissue include proteins, cytokines, and growth factors which complement its primary, structural function.
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Joint Assessment
Are you one of the millions of Americans suffering from pain in your knees, ankles, shoulders, or other joints preventing you from being active? Does it hurt to play golf, go for a hike, work around the house, or even play with your grandchildren? If you are missing out on the best years of your life, don’t delay scheduling a consultation with one of our regenerative medicine physicians. They will determine if you are a candidate.
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Regenerative Medicine
Regenerative Medicine is simple and will not interfere with your daily life or require a long recovery period like so many invasive surgical procedures. We will use non-surgical procedures to apply a tissue allograft into any defects in soft tissue or cartilage using a syringe. Go about your daily routine as normal while the tissue products create an optimal environment in your joints allowing your body to repair itself. 

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person and cannot be guaranteed.

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Regenerative Recovery
Tissue product collected from a healthy baby’s discarded umbilical cord contain proteins and growth factors that continue to produce additional growth factors and proteins even after the baby is delivered.

The New World of Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine physicians are changing the paradigm of the medical world. Advancements in regenerative medicine are directed towards creating ideal conditions within your joints while also stimulating your body to aid in the regenerative process. This is in great contrast to medical approaches of the past which used drugs to mask the symptoms and immediately turn to invasive, expensive, surgical procedures.