"My mother has had terrible Osteoarthritis and Pain in her knees for many years. In April 2019, she had treament on the right knee. By midsummer, she was attending PT with NO pain in her right knee. Dr. Peets treated the left knee, which was even worse in September 2019. It is November 12th and she has no more pain. I am so grateful to New Mexico Stem Cell. My mother was suffering terribly and now she isn’t."

Valerie Kovach
Knee Pain
The treatment done by NM Stem Cell returned my quality of life! For a year I suffered with pain and immobility. After the  procedure....NO PAIN! All mobility returned! Living my life with high quality now. Thank you NM Stem Cell!
Maria Martinez
"After attending a treatment Seminar, where they answered any and all questions up front and not shying away from anything asked.  It has been 7 months since I had the procedure.  Prior to having the procedure, my pain level in my knee was 10+.   There were nights where I could not sleep except on the couch looking for a position that my knee pain would let me sleep.  Driving a car I'd move my leg looking fro ac comfortable spot and not ever finding one. On the day of my procedure, the staff was friendly and professional, answering all my questions. I was told to go home and ice 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off for 4 hours.  Since the day of my procedure my pain level is 0, I do have a little discomfort, but no pain.  I can now walk without pain and can walk 2 miles, which was not possible prior to my procedure."
Harry Clifford
Leg Pain